My name is Paul Willis. Welcome to my site!

I'm an average guy seeking to glorify God. I'm a lifelong learner and a devout creative. I write to encourage my readers and provide (mostly) meaningful entertainment.

I also write fiction which some people like

My brain is filled with dungeon’s gloom,
The floor as messy as my room,
Its clutter can’t be swept by broom,
And in the darkness dragons loom.

Yet tales escape the web of thought,
The ebb and flow of drought and draught*,
Stories come and then are naught,
The ones you read; the ones that fought.

Worlds to conquer, beasts to sleigh < slay
Melodramatic writing, consider revising
The editor always gets a say.

*Draught is the British spelling of ‘draft’

Copyright © 2018 | Credit to God for my brain, life, and any good that comes out of me

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