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Remember how I wrote the rough draft of a novel during NaNoWriMo? Well, I’m finally ready to share a little bit about “Novel X”.

Drum-roll please! (Note: all synopses and excerpts are still liable to change.)

Jack grew up being careful about who he shared his faith with; a wrong move could land him in jail. But when his sister is drafted and pleads religious exemption, he finds out worse. Christians are facing death.
CROS is a covert agency dedicated to protecting Christians from lethal persecution. After they extract his family from post-tolerance America, Jack has no choice but to join CROS or leave the country as well. Living a life where execution for treason is imminent, he throws himself into the lifesaving work of an emergency medic. Caring for the injured brings zero challenges to his pacifistic beliefs. But when the leader of CROS is kidnapped, it falls to Jack and a veteran resistance fighter to find and rescue him from the deadly police force before it’s too late. Violence may be the only option. Is it a price Jack can pay?

I spent the month of October plotting and gathering inspiration. I like to draw so I drew these two supporting characters from photographs. I haven’t been able to bring myself to drawing a portrait of the protagonist yet. I need it to be just right.



“I’ll get it.” Jack looked through the window beside the door. A tall man with dirty brown hair, an evening beard, and his hand resting on the gun at his side, waited rather impatiently. He didn’t look like police, especially the way he glanced around constantly as if he was worried he’d be seen.

Chris stood by while Jack opened the door cautiously. He didn’t get a chance to open his mouth.

“Good evening, my name is Britain. I’m with the agency CROS. I believe we have fugitives here?”

Chris stepped into his field of vision. “Mrs. Bloyd, her daughter, and her son are in need of your services.”

“What’s your name?” Britain was pointing at Jack.

“Um… Jack, sir. I’m a medical student at the university.”

“Oh, you’re the kid who called the draft board?”

“Yes.” Jack felt his neck burning. It had been a silly, desperate move.

“Okay, so you’ve got options. You can stay in the country and help out with the situation, or you can go with the women. Orrr…. my boss would probably be happy for a medical man on the team. It’d keep you busy. You’d get room, board, and criminal status. Your choice.”

Wow, this is getting me excited again about revising it! Back to work on Novel X!

Does this sound like something you would want to read?

10 Responses

  1. Kate Willis
    | Reply

    I hope that synopsis doesn’t change–it’s pretty cool. 😉

    • Paul Willis
      | Reply

      I like it too but it might need to be adjusted for accuracy. 😉

  2. jonnyboyt
    | Reply

    WHOA THIS SOUNDS 100% FABULOUS 😀 also your drawing skills are great!

  3. Sarah Grace
    | Reply

    Oh man! I so want to read this! I love medical-related things (you don’t know how many First Aid and Paramedic textbooks I have read. 😉 ), so this really intrigues me. And the excerpt was very cool! Interesting to see your writing style. Can’t wait! 😀

    • Paul Willis
      | Reply

      Maybe you’ll get to read it come mid to late 2017! 😉

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  6. Crystal
    | Reply

    Yes, this does sound like a book I’d read! 😀

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