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My sister Kate and I are generally writing buddies. We’re both authors with blogs and have been wanting to do something fun together, so we decided to take turns asking each other random interview questions. It was a lot of fun. (She cracks me up.)

In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, Kate is the author of The Treasure Hunt and her blog Once Upon an Ordinary.


“Kate Willis has never fallen down the rabbit hole, her wardrobe only holds clothes, and tickets to Neverland are too expensive; but she is on an adventure. She lives with her artistic family and writes about the love of God and ordinary adventures. She would love to grow up someday and have a family of her own, but for now you’ll find her writing more books with chai tea in hand.”

Yep, that’s my sister. 😉

Here are my questions in the order she answered them.

How did you feel writing a very emotional climax in your WIP “Kiera”? Was it hard to write or were you completely swept into it?

While I was writing, I was so invested that the emotion was more dictated by what I was feeling than something I needed the characters to feel. I’ve been through some things, so I feel like I was able to draw on those minor incidents and expand them to get it realistic. We’ll see if I think it’s hokey when I’m on rewrites. 😉

Do you have any advice for becoming famous?

Ask someone else. 😛

Shucks. I was hoping for some good tips. What are you dreading about your upcoming edit of “The Twin Arrows”?

Well, I didn’t know a lot about plotting when I wrote it two years ago, so I’m slightly afraid of what I’ll find. 😉 Plotholes of doom, perhaps?

What do you think you are best at?

People have told me before that they appreciate my descriptions, but even with that I’m learning that I tend to overlook this area when I’m writing a longer, plot-driven story. That’s what editing is for, eh?

What is your perspective on writing a romance as a single young woman?

First off, I definitely feel very unqualified. What am I doing talking about something I have never experienced? I haven’t experienced flaming arrows, icecream parlors, the Underground Railroad, and some of those other good things I’ve written about. I base my stories on observation of other people and a few things from books. 😉 Secondly, I do have to be careful to guard my heart and make sure I’m not using writing as a way to “live my fantasy life”. 😉

What’s the most beautiful paperback you’ve ever seen?

Oh, I’ll have to pick two. One is It’s (Not That) Complicated by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin. I find something about the matte finish, the color scheme, and chalkboard feel very pleasing. 😉 Another one would be The Green Ember by S.D. Smith. Also matte but very simple. 😉 It could also be that it’s one of my newer looking paperbacks… most of the others are either secondhand or very beaten up. XD

Thanks Kate! That was fun!

(You can find her interview with my answers here.)

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  2. Sarah Grace
    | Reply

    Great interview! I especially loved her answer to the question about romance. Such fun, guys! 🙂

    (BTW, the link to Kate’s interview doesn’t work . . . ) 🙂

    • Paul Willis
      | Reply

      Thanks Sarah! I fixed it. 🙂

  3. Kellyn Roth
    | Reply

    Great interview! (Yes, I just said that over on Kate’s blog … but that’s besides the point.) I’ve got to agree with Kate on writing romance … I know nothing, and yet I write it. My fantasy world is really pleasant, though …

    • Paul Willis
      | Reply

      “I know nothing, and yet I write it.” Profound, Kellyn. Profound. 😉 I have to say it’s the same with my own writing. I know nothing about tactical evasion and the high stress of persecution, but yet I try to write about it. I’ll have to hope my readers know less.

      • Kellyn Roth
        | Reply

        Yes, it’ll be a famous quote someday … 😉 Ha, yes, that’s true … “hope your readers know less.”

  4. Rebekah A. Morris
    | Reply

    Quite a delightful interview. Great questions and answers.
    Aw, you want tips on how to become famous? It is really quite easy if you are a writer. Simply follow the below steps and you shall soon be added to the hall of fame
    1. Write a book that everyone will want to read.
    2. Publish it with a well known, well established Publishing House.
    3. Be sure it gets on the New York Times, Washington Post and other Best Seller lists.
    4. Sell millions of copies world wide.

    Like I said. Simple. I just haven’t figured out how to manage steps 1-4 yet.
    Anyway, I enjoyed it!

    • Paul Willis
      | Reply

      Thanks for the tips, Rebekah! That’s very enlightening! Sound like everyone could be famous with this secret formula.

      • Rebekah A. Morris
        | Reply

        Yes, exactly. I try to keep the formula somewhat hidden as I wouldn’t want to flood the world with famous writers. 😉

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