Christian Fiction Part 3: Appealing to Teens

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Writing a story crafted toward a specific audience means appealing to its desires. The danger  for Christian writers in this area is, as always, compromise. If we write what people want in all areas, we will end up cultivating the wrong desires. I see several things written specifically to appeal to teens that can be harmful. A desire for power If … Read More

Christian Fiction Part 2: Self-Confidence

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How many times have you heard a fictional character given a peptalk (or song) to boost their self-confidence? “Believe in yourself” and “follow your heart” are oft repeated phrases on film and paper. In a character’s darkest hour, where do they turn for help? How do they rise above defeat and conquer the unconquerable? The answer time and time again … Read More

Christian Fiction Part 1: The Power of Story

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Words are powerful but only united. Bonded words form stories, and stories form perceptions. Stories have the power to change people, and as Christians we want that change to be in the right direction. Some may say that when they watch a movie or read a book it doesn’t affect them. They can pass it off as fiction and not buy … Read More

7 Tips for Victorian Happiness

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Avoid puddles at all cost. Puddles are the number one cause of pneumonia and pneumonia is the number one cause of death Don’t use the stairs. These are built to kill and are especially dangerous if you are given over to fainting spells or have a breakable neck. Always turn down the gas. If you are going to live your life with an explosion … Read More

Diamond: Another WIP

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Mysteries are generally one of two kinds. On one side of the mystery coin, I’ve read and very much enjoyed G. K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Knew Too Much, Father Brown, and The Club of Queer Trades all of which are short story collections. I’m also very familiar with Sherlock having watched several screen renditions. The unifying themes seem to be … Read More

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