A Day in the Wilderness

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This weekend was my church’s annual Men’s Prayer Advance. We go low budget and tent camp in the middle of nowhere with zero facilities. I live in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area. Camping here is a reenactment of Israel’s wandering in the desert–without the manna. After several preaching sessions on spiritual disciplines, we dispersed into the desert for a three-hour … Read More

Novel X Update

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If you got notified of a post on Wednesday and then it disappeared, sorry about that. It was an unsuccessful test of sorts. ūüôā And finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!! MY NOVEL HAS A NAME! Yes, I decided that my NaNoWriMo novel is going to be titled “Crossroads”. Some family members have told me the title makes … Read More

Short Story: The Duet

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I wanted to break out of editing my novel and my beta reading projects, so I sat down and wrote a short story. This is the result of wanting to try a different point of view and tense… It was the third week of spring. I was playing an imaginary game, probably I thought I was a hero avenging some … Read More