I am a creative who also likes tech.

My enthusiasm for art comes in many forms. I love music, stories, and sketches. Pictures in the mind and on a page.

I have a passion for helping people by solving issues for them. This has contributed to my tendency to troubleshoot technology.

I like to design websites. To me, WordPress is an art medium like any other, a set of beautiful tools to communicate a message to the world.

I’m a College Student

pursuing a Bachelors of Science in

Applied Computing

I Work an IT Job

part time at my school

I Design Websites

for businesses and professionals

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Random Fact #1

I was home schooled. Amid academic studies, I learned the importance of relationships, communication, initiative, collaboration, and having a good time.

Random Fact #2

I like to eat good food. This has inspired me to cook my own when necessary. Fresh pesto, any form of fried potato, or a Chinese style stir-fry are my go-to’s

Random Fact #3

I am a follower of Christ. He bought me, owns me, and is making me new. His love and truth is the most important thing for everyone to consider.